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Lighting Design

(75 points)

In the Solar Decathlon Lighting Design contest, a jury of lighting designers and industry experts evaluates each house's lighting selections. Teams earn points in this contest by designing functional, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing lighting systems.
The Lighting Design jury evaluates the following in each house:

  • Electric Lighting Quality—Are the lighted spaces rich and varied? Do they have adequate light for tasks? Do they have good color rendition? Are the luminaires attractive? Do they properly distribute light?

  • Daylighting Quality—Have human factors, such as physiology, perception, preferences, and behavior, been addressed? What are the effects of daylight on all materials, including furniture, artwork, and plants? Is the admission of direct and diffuse sunlight effectively controlled?

  • Ease of Operation—Is the operation of the manual and automatic lighting controls intuitive?

  • Flexibility—Can the lighting system accommodate all activities and aesthetic requirements in all seasons?

  • Energy Efficiency—Do the lighting controls help reduce lighting energy consumption throughout the year?

  • Building Integration—Have the lighting design and controls been effectively integrated into the building?

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