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The University of Tennessee
College of Architecture and Design

UT Zero is a multidisciplinary team with the goal to develop new technologies for zero energy building for the University of Tennessee and the state of Tennessee. Our desire is to promote zero net energy consumption and zero carbon emission technology. Our mission is to bring students and faculty from various programs together to collaborate on UT Zero Energy projects.



The Art of Making in Applachia's Climate, Place, and History Symposium
University of Tennessee College of Architecture & Design Room 109!
March 28, 2011 at 5:30PM

Design, Construction, and Art find common ground in the act of making. But what does it mean it mean to make in our modern world? "Grounded" is a symposium that seeks to reexamine the fundamental relationship between making, tradition, and context in Appalachia. Students, professors, and practitioners are all invited to participate in a dialogue on the art of making with architects Max Robinson and George Johnston, furniture designer and master craftsman Ernie Gross, as well as writer and historian Jack Neely.
Reception to follow!

If you are unable to attend in person, the presentations will be also streamed online through a LIVE Feed of the Symposium. Directions to the event can be found here:

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Living Light

The 2011 Solar Decathlon Request for Proposal and the Competive Stage Schematic Design was submitted by Team Tennesee LIving Light and we have offically be selected as one of the 20 teams by the Department of Energy. Congratulations to all of the teams who submitted.


There is a kick-off Mini Term Class offered for the Solar Decathlon 2011 Prototyping, Modeling, and Schematic Development. Click Here.


UT Zero will no longer be the host of the Team Tennessee Living LIght webpage. Further information will arrive as the summer progresses.

Students and faculty from all participating disciplines including architecture, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and graphic design have been participating. All students are welcome and will be able to view the schematic designs currently under consideration to give input as the project develops. If you're involved in the project request to be a member of our Facebook Group.

What is the UT Zero Energy House?Zero Energy

The UT Zero Energy House combines the best researchers, engineers and architects in Tennessee to develop, design and build the home of the future. It will showcase the latest innovations in the areas of building materials, information technology, solar energy, energy efficiency, and home design to demonstrate opportunities and methods for using sustainable energy resources.

The UT Zero Energy House will be the first project in the proposed UT Institute for Smart Structures, a research center where academia and industry meet. The College of Architecture + Design at the University of Tennessee (UT) in collaboration with the College of Engineering and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) comprise the Institute for Smart Structures which will offer research and development in architecture and engineering for the building sector. This institute combines the areas of material science, engineering, and architecture to solve immediate problems as well as provide revolutionary concepts for new applications.

We invite you to explore our website and learn about the development of the UT Zero Energy House. With a goal of entering the Solar Decathlon 2011, an international competition between 20 universities to design, build, and operate an 800sf solar-powered house on the National Mall in Washington, DC, this website marks the beginning of our journey. So by us developing these projects, we are connecting students in various departments to become aware of these new technological projects.


Browse through the categories and discover what it takes to create the UT Zero and what the Solar Decathlon is all about. Take note, the Solar Decathlon is not our sole purpose as a UT Zero Team, but an initial goal in making our stamp on sustainable design. Check out News + Media to catch up with recent activity.

Check out recent activity: NEWS+MEDIA
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