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(75 points)

The Solar Decathlon challenges teams to communicate about the technical aspects of their homes, as well as their experiences, to a wide audience through Web sites and public open houses. The Communications contest awards points to teams based on their success in delivering clear and consistent messages and images that represent the vision, process, and results of each team's project.
To judge this contest, a jury of Web site development and public relations experts evaluates the team Web sites, communications plans, and student-led house tours for effectiveness. In addition, the jurors assess each team's:

  • Planning and audience analysis

  • Web content quality, appropriateness, and originality

  • Information presentation, including graphics, photos, Web site organization, and on-site displays

  • Branding to help make the project identifiable or memorable in some way

  • Delivery of team messages to target audiences and people of all abilities

  • Innovation of methods to engage audiences, including the Web site visitors and people waiting to tour the home.

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