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The University of Tennessee

Construction Design Studio: Arch 425 & 525

UT Zero Energy House

Art and Architecture Building Wood Shop & UT Zero Site near Humanities Plaza
Fall 2009

First meeting August 26, 6:00 PM Wood Shop
Combined maximum enrollment of 15 students

Who: Instructors James Rose and Edgar Stach

The UT Zero Energy House is a multidisciplinary project with the goal of creating new sustainable housing prototypes that are capable of producing their own power. The work of the fall semester involves two components. The fi rst half of the course will consist of fi nalizing construction of the UT Zero modular housing prototype. Students will gain hands-on experience installing the glazing system, façade panels, photovoltaic array, and site access components. The second half of the semester will consist of preparing as-built documentation in 2 and 3D. These documents will be taken to a high level of detail and will give students insight into the relationship between drawing and construction. It is anticipated that a fi eld trip to the 2009 Solar Decathlon in October will be included. Knowledge gained from the construction and performance monitoring of this prototype will directly benefit UT’s application to the Department of Energy’s 2011 Solar Decathlon Competition later this year. This course is open to both graduate and undergraduate students in the disciplines of architecture, engineering, interior design, and landscape architecture.

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