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The University of Tennessee

Graduate Fellows Program

For Sponsorship Information

Tierney Bates
Asst Development Director
Development Office
120 Perkins Hall
Knoxville, TN 37996
Phone: (865) 974-6401
Fax: (865) 974-0889

The fellows program is designed to enhance communication between sponsors and the institute, and optimize knowledge in a focused area. The company’s name is associated with the fellow in Lab publications and presentations. In addition, after graduation many fellows have been hired by sponsor companies, with the fellow bringing a collaborative research project to the company.


  • A mechanism for making deeper connections into the research of a specific Lab research group;
  • Possible visits by the fellow or faculty advisor to the sponsoring company to talk in detail about how the company’s issues map onto Lab work;
  • An opportunity to invite the fellow to intern at the company during the summer or for the month of January;
  • A company mentor assigned to fellow can have impact on fellow’s research;
  • A vehicle for getting technology and ideas of interest to the company into the Lab (i.e., bidirectional exchange).

Membership: $000 per student, per year for a named fellow. Available to Lab consortium-level sponsors or higher.