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Digital Modeling and Fabrication Lab DM/F


CAD & CAM Laboratory / Rapid Prototyping Lab

This digitally based convergence of representation and production represents one of the most important opportunities now facing the profession. The modern movement began as a response to industrialization and called for architects to master the means of production in an attempt to remain engaged in the qualitative aspects of crafting buildings. New means of production have emerged that can enable new aesthetics in post-industrial digital societies. CAD/CAM technologies enable us both to avoid traditional manufacturing costs and to design and produce complex freeform components that were previously either impossible or prohibitively expensive. Custom, digitally crafted architectural components can now be directly or indirectly manufactured without expensive reusable tooling, and mass customization is possible because manufacturing efficiencies are no longer compromised by variations in what is being produced.

Typical courses that meet area requirements:
Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing studies Product Design Digital Culture, Space, and Society
Advanced Materials and Technologies
Structural Surfaces
Structural Surfaces
Kinetic Architecture



In-house tools such as laser cutters, rapid prototyping tools, digitizers, 3D scanners, and CNC machine tools, combined with sophisticated and powerful CAD/CAM software encourage a rapidly increasing use of digital manufacturing methods for a wide variety of studio and course based.

Digital Modeling and Fabrication

Smart Structures
The Art of Structure - The Structure of Art
Design Studio 489
International Design Studio

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