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Market Viability

(100 points)

For the Market Viability contest, teams participating in the Solar Decathlon build their houses for a target market of their choosing. Teams are then asked to demonstrate the potential of their houses to keep costs affordable within that market.
A jury of professionals from the homebuilding industry evaluates the following to determine each house's market viability:

  • Livability—Gauges whether the house is well suited for everyday living, could accommodate the specific needs of the targeted homeowners, and offers a safe,
    functional, convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable place to live.

  • Buildability—Determines whether the construction documents would enable a contractor to generate an accurate construction cost estimate and then construct the building as the design team intended it to be built.

  • Marketability—Assesses the house's curb appeal, interior appeal, and quality craftsmanship; how well its sustainability features and strategies contribute to its marketability; and whether the house offers potential homebuyers within the target market a good value.

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