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The University of Tennessee


UT Zero Energy House

Solar Decathlon Competition 2011 - The Department of Energy (DOE)

The Solar Decathlon is a competition in which universities compete to design, build, and operate the most attractive, effective, and energy-efficient solar-powered house. The Solar Decathlon is also a public event demonstrating the powerful combination of solar energy, energy efficiency, and the best in home design.

The University of Tennessee is fully committed to participate in the Solar Decathlon Competition and sees the UT Zero Energy House as the first Project towards that goal.

The Solar Decathlon is judged on ten criteria. For the UT Zero Energy House to be successful, all ten must be addressed and maximized, requiring the input and expertise of many diverse fields of study. Browse through the categories to see all that is involved in producing a successful Solar Decathlon house.

The 2011 Solar Decathlon Request for Proposal and the Competive Stage Schematic Design was submitted by
Team Tennesee LIving Light and we have offically be selected as one of the 20 teams by the Department of Energy. Congratulations to all of the teams who submitted. UT Zero will no longer be the host of the Team Tennessee Living LIght webpage. Further information will arrive as the summer progresses.


There is a kick-off Mini Term Class offered for the Solar Decathlon 2011 Prototyping, Modeling, and Schematic Development. Click Here.

Students and faculty from all participating disciplines including architecture, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and graphic design have been participating. All students are welcome and will be able to view the schematic designs currently under consideration to give input as the project develops. If you're involved in the project request to be a member of our Facebook Group.

For more information on the Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon: